Just about six inches high, ten wide, and three and a half inches thick, and lighter than half a pound of Butter, the Sony HX 99 fits in any shirt pocket, and but it is not the smallest camera that you can buy. But based on the 720 mm small image-telephoto focal length to stick out of your Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T*, if required, there is no smaller. From these conflicting figures is the result of them must be Neither the Sensor can be especially large nor the lens is remarkably light. And so it is: In the case of a camera, for a little over 500 Euro in the list and just below it is traded, neither a 1/2. 3-inch Sensor with 18 Megapixel still at the beginning of the light strengths of 1:3.5 (24 mm wide-angle) and 1:6,4 (Tele) give rise to a storm of enthusiasm.

Hans-Heinrich Pardey

editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

F. A. Z.

For the same money you can get just as elegant, smooth black, and nearly as compact Sony RX 100 with the image quality of the much larger 1-inch sensor – but not with the very long bag. With the 11-Linser, can approach in the wide angle range of up to five centimeters of objects (minimum focus distance in the extreme telephoto range: 2,50 meters) is part of the HX 99 in the category travel zoom: a small camera that offers more Focal length, it is in the Form of interchangeable lenses around wants to haul. Of the telephoto on one and a half meters (1440 mm full-frame equivalent), digital stretching, should only be mentioned here – to be of practical Use, this possibility is lack of image quality. When you do not need to but, in General, so if you expect things that can not be done by the Sensor and the lens is simply, far less sacrifice than I thought.