Bar –

An ambulance was Tuesday afternoon at the ” struck by a Porsche Cayenne on the cross-section of the Houtlaan with the Gravenwezelsteenweg in the Bar. A 43-year-old social worker got it for him. Witnesses say that the driver of the Porsche, the red had been. That is, it was heard at the local police station of the zone Model.

The accident happened at around 13.10 pm. The Porsche Cayenne came out, the Gravenwezelsteenweg and wanted to either go straight ahead or turn left in the direction of Schilde, belgium. He went to the cross at the Houtlaan, and seized a vehicle that is in the direction of Schilde, belgium was riding in the side. The vehicle, which are not a priority, reed, and patients are being transported, it landed on its side.

a number of witnesses said that the driver of the Porsche, a red light ignored, didn. The 75-year-old man, was not injured from the accident. One of the two occupants of the vehicle with serious injuries were transported to the hospital.

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