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The air traffic will resume in the coming weeks and is expected to, by mid-June, is to raise a large part of the barriers that keep it closed the european skies. To this end, the major commercial airlines such as Iberia are already taking measures to manage the “new normal”, based on the Protocol “Safety and Health”, , developed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

In the specific case of the carrier of the Spanish flag and part of the holding IAG has stressed that his top priority is the safety and that they follow the health recommendations of the EASA and the EASA (European Union Safety Agency). These bodies have recommended that travellers take the boarding pass on the mobile, to avoid physical contact, and points to other changes in the management of shipments or baggage: it has increased the space between people in the queues, and placed screens in the positions of billing and customer care . In addition to strengthened the cleaning of these counters or to give priority to the gateways to streamline the boarding or departure of the aircraft.

on the other hand, as is the case with other carriers, has equipped itself with the staff of Ppe and required the use of face masks medical both in the boarding and during the flight. If the level of occupancy allows, have targeted from Iberia, is your commitment to ensure maximum separation between passengers although the EASA in the above-mentioned protocol does not determine that it is necessary to leave a free seat. Another novelty is that in the planes of Iberia there will be no sale on board, or magazines or newspapers, as well as has encouraged the materials of a single use for recycling. Similarly, it has proceeded to the reinforcement of the cleaning of the aircraft with products anticovid-19.

In particular, from EFSA and ECDC has recommended to the airlines “to reduce to a minimum to reduce the contact between the crew and the passengers,” services such as the selling board and has been pointed out that the food must go packaged beverages in cans individual, for example.

No infections on board

In this report, have also highlighted that to date there has been no confirmation of no spread to edge d e aircraft and rejected to limit the ability of the aircraft, so that desconsejan leave free seats, unless the seats that have not been sold.

continuous Renewal of the air

Both agencies have insisted on the mandatory use of face masks both on the airport and during the flight and confirmed the efficiency of the f iltros HEPA (High Eficency Particulate Air) , used in many aircraft pasajaros to maintain the quality of the air recirculated on the inside of the cabins. In particular, both agencies have insisted that allow the removal of particles of the size of the Covid-19.

For example, Iberia has installed on their aircraft and, from the airline, have confirmed that the constant renewal of the air of the cabins allows “that this be of a purity similar to that of an operating room”, finishing with 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

passengers who refuse to follow these recommendations may be denied entry to the plane or to the airport facilities and, if the situation occurs already on board, “they are treated according to the protocol established for passengers conflicting”.

In any event, passengers will be information on the symptoms of the Covid-19 and the contact with possible cases, as well as signing a “declaration of health”. Similarly, in airports and airplanes, will be available all of the information on these measures.