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as it happens, from this Monday, June 22, the AVE trains and Long-Distance debut on the “new normal” with new developments. The most obvious is that there will be a lot less on offer : do not arrive at the third they had before the pandemic. That is to say, 9 8 trains run daily and 30,000 beds , at least during the first few weeks. A far cry from the 330 journals of AVE and Long-Distance circulation before the alarm state. An offer which will be extended on the basis of the evolution of the demand and the occupancy of the trains. For the moment, have been put on sale tickets until 12 December. But, what will it be like to travel by train now?

From Renfe have explained that the mask will be mandatory for all travelers during the journey and will be distributed wipes disinfectants among the passengers. In addition we have reinforced all measures of hygiene and disinfection of all trains.

Not just here the news because in the “new normal,” we say goodbye to some of the traditional services such as the sharing of headphones and press . Nor will there be sale of items aboard and will be open to the café .

All of this, destined to give the greatest possible confidence to the travellers at this stage and whose procedures have been certified by AENOR in the program called “Aim to Train Insurance”.