Sound design – the sound of the future electric cars need to give for security reasons, an artificially produced sound. This is music to the ears of the manufacturer.Dave Schneider7 Kommentare7Aussengeräuschprüfstand of Mercedes-Benz in Sindelfingen: is developed for each E-car a personalized E-Sound. Photo: PD

One of the advantages of electrically driven vehicles, the almost noiseless movement. Silence is a luxury the more a car goes, the higher the quality of the Cycling experience. But this also brings disadvantages: When the engine is on the noisy, rolling, chassis, and wind noise all the more. Too quiet to be perceived quiet cars hardly of the environment – not only for visually impaired people, children or animals that is dangerous, but for all. In addition, the car brands lose their typical Sound, which comes for many manufacturers a loss of image is the same.

The auto industry has responded to these circumstances. Since 1. July 2019 must be equipped in the EU and in Switzerland, all Hybrid and electric vehicles with an artificial driving noise which must be as a protection for the pedestrian in a speed range between 0 and 20 km/h is active. A car goes faster, the tire noise for a sufficiently loud noise. This artificially generated driving sound does not have to be just a plain old sound: Some manufacturers use this newly created area in order to develop their own characteristic noise.

The Sound must be technically confirmed to be

“The near-silent electric propulsion offers great potential for a brand-specific sound design that makes not only the car, but also aware of a brand,” Frank Welsch, Board member for development of Volkswagen. The largest car manufacturer in the world, has composed the new sound of the brand, in collaboration with the composer and music producer Leslie Mandoki. “The Sound should be confident and friendly,” says Welsch. “It may sound futuristic, and needs to convince in addition, by its uniqueness.”

to sound Like such a driving noise, is nowhere prescribed. In one of the sound designers agree: The Speed of sound is higher when the vehicle is braking, he is deep – this was taken over by the sound of a conventional car. Otherwise, but is not allowed pretty much anything, as long as the driving noise is louder than that of a comparable model with a combustion engine. For Hugo Fastl, a Professor at the Institute for human-machine communication at the Technical University of Munich, is clear: “in Principle, these should be sounds in the medium frequency range since high frequencies of older people are no longer perceived.” Very low frequencies, however, are to radiate difficult: “the speakers in the car would have to be very big.” Rudolf Halbmeir, the modeled at Audi, the sounds, added: “The noise must be technically. Technical noise better go into the subconscious.” The only way the pedestrian would feel a car near you””.

Inspired by Science Fiction films

Already on the market, electric cars show: The sound developers like Science-Fiction movies for inspiration – because that’s exactly so, as it is made up of classic blockbusters used to sound many of the current E-cars also. “We get the Inspiration actually from Science Fiction films,” confirms Stephan Gsell from Audi. “But also of cars with an internal combustion engine, instruments and various sounds in the environment.” From these ingredients, a sound structure is composed, which will be tested in complex sound laboratories again and again. A step further in Fiat’s new 500e: The electric-powered pipsqueak makes a futuristic space ship sound of a waltz melody is embedded, the electric dwarf makes also acoustically attracts attention.

The pass-by noise is not only external, but also inside is important. The unfiltered roll-off, suspension and wind noise is a Noise, the want to expect any brand to the customer – therefore, some manufacturers compose for the interior, own Sound. Especially for high-price brands is a new business segment where you can stand out from the competition. BMW, for example, has been engaged for the composition of the driving noise of its future electric models, no Less than the elfmaligen Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer. “I am delighted to have the opportunity to welcome emotions for the electric driving pleasure to make”, says the German composer of world-famous film music, has composed with BMW sound designer, Renzo Vitale is already pass-by noise of different studies. “We can create the Sound of the future. This is great.”

Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer (on the right), and sound designer, Renzo Vitale compose for BMW the Sound of the future.Photo: PDBoxen instead of exhaust, Such sound generators to generate the driving noise of Plug-in hybrids and electric cars. PDIn elaborate Sound-labs to be tested, the artificial driving noises again and again. PDWie sounds like a E-car in the interior? The artificial driving noise provides scope for the manufacturers, their own Sound to create a signature.PDBis is achieved, the desired result is simulated again, measured, evaluated and optimised in Detail. PD1 / Register 50 comment please comment