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fifty years Have passed since the Plaza mayor of Madrid to celebrate his last feast of bulls. The June 18, 1970, the Circle of Fine Arts wanted to restore the tradition of the feasts of bulls that took place in the precinct built in the early years of the SEVENTEENTH century. Since then, the Plaza mayor was the scene of numerous of bullfighting, which developed in the morning and afternoon sessions , and that we were diluting it in the time following the opening in 1737, of the first plaza de toros of the capital of Spain.

The developers of return to the spectacle of bullfighting at the Plaza mayor wanted to remember the medieval fairs and that way ambientaron the traditional rectangle to a cumshot starring bullfighting on horseback. The brothers Angel and Rafael Peralta they battled two bulls of Clement Tassara and the other two of José Luis Cobaleda. Between the walls that marked out the arena is filled to the flag. About four thousand people sitting and hundreds agolpadas in the balconies and even on rooftops.

The cumshot was an event-a holiday in the capital, which for more than a hundred and twenty years not held a bullfight in the Plaza mayor. The latter was in 1846 , and took place to celebrate the double wedding of Elizabeth II and her sister the infanta Maria Luisa. The previous celebration real was in 1803, on the occasion of the wedding of Fernando VII.

dresses medieval

Drums and trumpets announced the beginning of the bullfight, the parade with the two gentlemen to the front of their crews and of all the horses in their stables. The chronicles say that the rejón sevillanos were dressed in “Robin of the Forest” and fell down before the chair, in which were four ladies, dressed to the style medieval.

The first bull was dealt with in tandem by the brothers Peralta, who previously made a display mounts . Casting a layer from the horse, rejones, flags and roses, and with spears placed several harpoons, which earned them the first trophy of the evening. Another trophy cut Angel Peralta in the second, and two by his brother Rafael in the third. This bull gave him a scare an intrepid photographer from the same sand he wanted to get the best shots.

The fourth bull was dealt with again by the two brothers, who walked not accurate with the rejón of death. The chronicles tell us that the intervention of the outstanding neither turned out to be very fortunate, ending the celebration between pads.