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June 19, 1977 it was the first Sunday in democracy. The previous Wednesday, the historic 15 June, was held the first elections after the fall of franco’s dictatorship in Spain, which lived new winds of freedom. In the arenas, still with the echoes of the impact of the rejoneador Portuguese Joao Moura in the just ended fair of San Isidro, fans were pinning their hopes on the so-called cumshot art , announced that Sunday, as democratic, in madrid’s plaza de Vista Alegre.

Curro Romero, Rafael de Paula and Sebastian Cortes, with bulls of Maria Isabel Ibarra. Excellent entry in the Blunt carabanchelera, and disappointment, because “the spectators had expected a lot more of what you gave them” the three matadors, according to the chronicle of ABC, signed by José Luis Suárez-Guanes . The fault was a batch of very loose, patched by a bull of the Marqués de Domecq, and another of Lorenzo, and Alejandro Garcia, who did not get to the headlines. So, that the run of the art was reduced to a few “trails” of Rosemary , which gave a return to the ring protested in the fourth; to a Paula “rapid and distanced, not had his afternoon”, and the “good taste and packaging,” of the young Cortés, who ruled with the steels.

in The evening in Sales

The day, full of feasting, was not, however, fraught with triumphs resonant. In Sales , steers Sotillo Gutierrez, the property, then the doctor Parache, before which caused a great print Child of Aranjuez in its presentation. Gave a lap around the arena in each bullock, in an evening in which he was joined by Gitanillo Rubio and José Castilla, which were empty.

In Barcelona, returns to the ring for The Viti and Manzanares , with a dangerous running of Atanasio Fernández, while in Algeciras, Paquirri went out to shoulders with toros de Pablo Romero, in an afternoon in the that Manolo Arruza and Paco Mayor had to content themselves with a trophy. There was a tradition in other places first, such as Valencia, with big door for the novillera Maribel Atiénzar . In Seville, Paco Aguilar cut off an ear, as Juan Ramos in Zaragoza, in a celebration suspended by rain after the fighting of the second of the afternoon.

The first Sunday in democracy, with the euphoria of the victory of Adolfo Suárez is still present, the fans opted for a cumshot in the art in which, on the contrary of what transpired in the election day, it was all disappointment.