Our football-Podcast “So it can’t go on with wages in the Swiss football” Why is it for the Clubs of the Super League should not be a Problem to reduce their wage totals. And as the vote on the spirit of the games will turn out.Florian Raz8 Kommentare8

Sometimes you get the feeling that the representatives of the Swiss professional clubs knew today, what you told yesterday. Therefore, it is possible to estimate so difficult, whether it is on the 29. May will be playing a majority for the continuation of the championship with Spirit or not.

We played from the Podcast “third halftime” that’s the reason for the General Assembly of the Swiss Football League. And come to the conclusion that a surprisingly comfortable majority of Clubs is to play the season, even to the end, if there are no spectators will be admitted to the Matches.

in Addition, we are arguing about whether it makes sense that the Federal Council obliged the clubs to a joint and several liability, if you want to be a part of the 200 million Swiss francs as a loan. Fabian Ruch the scheme is simply “completely nonsensical.” Thomas Schifferle, however, with a counter-question: “To get to the clubs because the money so paid?”

for Kay Voser is clear that the Swiss professional clubs come around anyway to reduce their wage totals. Requirements of the Federal government or not: “we can’t go on with wages in the Swiss football.” Ironically, the Ex-Pro so austerity sees potential in his former work colleagues and says: “A footballer does not come anyway, in Switzerland, to be stone rich. The goal of the leap abroad. You may well commit a good footballer, without having to pay them equal to 40’000 francs per month, as done, for instance, the Grasshoppers in the past, for very mediocre players.”

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