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The Santiago Bernabeu stadium celebrated yesterday his 73 birthday in full reconstruction, in a process of modernisation, which will become a global reference thanks to a spectacular renovation, with the that will show a face fully renovated to an architectural marvel that will ensure that every match of Real Madrid is a unique experience for its followers.

“The new Bernabeu is the best stadium in the world , announced Florentino Pérez, president of the madrid club the day that finally saw the birth of a project with years of work behind their backs. “This great project will become a key part of Real Madrid’s future and for the city of Madrid”.

With 525 million of budget execution, the works of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium will stage multi-functional, with grass retractable that will allow the use of the premises for cultural events attracting large crowds. It will be one of the major innovations alongside its skin envelope and the desired roofing.

The history of colosseum real madrid began on the 14th of December of 1947. That was the day that the Real Madrid inaugurated their new stadium with a match against Os Belenenses Portuguese under the name of Stadium of Real Madrid CF. For fans madridistas continued to be known as Chamartín. The friendly ended with a white victory by 3-1 and with the striker vasco Sabino Barinaga going down in history as the first scorer of the new field.

His first major remodeling was undertaken, beginning in 1952 with the object of achieving a capacity of 125,000 espectadore s . This new capability was released in June of 1954. A year after the partners commissioners of Real Madrid decided to change the name of the stadium, it was renamed the Santiago Bernabeu in honor of its president at the time, the more years he was in office and marked for eternity the growth of the club.

on The 18th of may 1957, the stadium real madrid inaugurated its electric lighting, and he could play his first game of the night. The stadium became a shrine where the Real Madrid signed great conquests and fed the historic comebacks of europe after a new remodeling. To host the World cup 1982 reduced its capacity to 98.776 locations, 67.000 foot, and increased the power of the lighting and installed new videomarcadores, as well as a cover that covered the majority of the stands.

The ability of Bernabéu has been changing with their changes, with the passage of time. In the decade of the 90’s earned him 20.200 locations of the seat with the creation of the ring of the third amphitheatre, on the west side and the funds, to accept 106.000 spectators at the matches of Real Madrid. Appeared the four towers in the last decades have been characterized at the stadium of la Castellana happened to measure from 22 to 45 meters.

His ability was affected in its 50-year anniversary . In 1997, the new regulations of UEFA with all the stadium seats, where 106,000 viewers a change to 74.328. The fences of the grass disappeared. And with the arrival of Florentino Perez to the presidency favoured the exploitation of revenues from the stadium. The improvement of the qualities was permanent, it surpassed the 80,000 capacity by completing the ring of the fourth amphitheater.

inside the stadium was completely changing. New locker rooms and dugouts, new stage, integrated system of heating in the stands, new pa system and videomarcadores, panoramic elevators and escalators in the four towers of access.

The stadium was recognized by UEFA “five-star” and so she comes to his 73 birthday.

Reference to the football world and to a new identity. To grow again to 12 meters for the installation of a retractable cover articulated that will close the stadium in 15 minutes , a total re-design of the stands, marker lead 360 degrees, extension to the museum and a futuristic exterior with a skin of stainless steel. The break of the football by the pandemic coronavirus and their return to closed-door accelerated the plan of works. Your end may be promoted at the beginning of 2022, the date that will end up with an architectural marvel that has become one of the great attractions of the capital of Spain.

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