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Ken Follett published “The pillars of the Earth” in 1989 . Three decades after the saga has sold 43 million copies around the world, and has become an authentic reference in the genre of the historical novel. Only in 2019 in Spain, according to the Habits of Reading and Purchasing books for the Federation of Editors, was taken up with the third place of the most sold in the year and was consecrated as the favorite of the spaniards.

the Cover of “The darkness and the dawn”

Now, the author best seller announces that it will publish the prequel in all the world simultaneously the next 15 September. “The darkness and the dawn” , which in Spain will take you to the bookstores, Plaza & Janés, travels until the moment it ends the Dark Ages and begins the Middle Ages , during the end of the first millennium.

In the twilight of an era’s violent and brutal and the beginning of a new time, the plans and dreams of a young boat builder are on the verge of shattering for a f eroz attack viking on the English coast.

In its pages are intermingled once more, the key to the success of Follett: a meticulous documentation that unfolds through a story full of surprises and setbacks, greed and ambition, love and courage.

“the pillars of the earth” recreated the development of gothic architecture through the vicissitudes of the priory of Kingsbridge in the TWELFTH century. The next July 16 also publish a new illustrated edition.

He continued “world without end” (2007), which continued the story two centuries after the construction of the majestic gothic cathedral, with the backdrop of the Black Plague, which killed half of the european population. And it closes the trilogy “A column of fire” (2017), a history of spies and secret agents that takes place in the XVI century during the reign of Elizabeth I.