Each year, dozens of young people in their first job as a counselor at an employment agency. Often, flocks of them to the other functions. However, it will not print the first period, play an important role in the rest of his career. A great place of learning, where they tried to get out.

Sarah Van Nijlen, from Several and a Loan to Bilsen from Tielt-Winge in their degree distribution does not resolve into an employment agency to work with. “It wasn’t a conscious decision, in order for Randstad to come out,” acknowledges Sarah. “At a very young age, dreamed of, we are to be a teacher, a vet, or a singer.” But today there is a uitzendconsulent on her resume. “When I was in my career, re-design, I have made the same career choice. It also gave me the opportunity to develop into the person that I am.”

the Loan Bilsen started out as a chance for her career at Konvert Interim. “I was looking through the working channel of the temporary employment industry as a temporary job. However, in the employment agency offered me to get them to come to work,” she laughs. It turned out to be a perfect time to be on the front row of the labour market, to get to know the facts about wages, and above all, and people of other nationalities to appreciate it.

In the temporary commitment of the colleagues in a common goal. “I’ve had a great relationship with the staff, and the atmosphere was great. When the office is open to the south, the passage of time. in the Afternoon, we were close, and in that one hour, you come across as a group are closer to each other,” muses on Loan. Who is the family atmosphere that reminds of Sarah herself as well. “My colleagues and I are fully aware of the dynamics of the work place, and it is a lot of fun, but there is enough space for the frustration to express themselves,” she says. Profit in the trade, after all, it’s a code word. You need money in a genuine people business.

“It was sometimes very busy and chaotic” speak, Sarah, and experience. “There is no set agenda. When a customer calls in with an unexpected question, it’s all hands on deck to get it to respond. On Friday, you never know when your day ends. Agency walk in, and the phone is ringing, and you may need up to 150 contracts of employment to be prepared for the start of the new week.”