wife Gerling, they live for twelve years in Miesbach, which is affected by the Winter this time. How problematic the situation really is?

Timo Frasch

Political correspondent in Munich.

F. A. Z.

It is an exception to this is the situation, the us is also confirmed by our neighbor: a farmer that lives for more than 50 years here. Since Monday, the schools are closed, the snow ploughs come to clear the sidewalks. My husband and I are in the fortunate position that we can usually work from home. I feel sorry for people who do not work, for example, for a care service and is still daily life need to master. The costs at the Moment incredibly a lot of time and force, alone, Trudging through the thigh high snow.

As long as you are on a daily basis with snow, and the like?

Everything added together, five, six hours. We have dug up on Thursday to second-one and a half hours my car so far, that I leave was on Friday – after a further 20minutes dig – able. The tires were frozen solid, we have solved them with hot water, so I actually came to a very important appointment in Munich.

The access roads were not a Problem?

The state of the streets were well cleared, also the highway went fine. The day before, the burden had cars and buses winding up on the same route all of the snow chains.

When you went without?

Yes, but my car is all-wheel drive has helped the.

languages from the free blades of the cars. You have no Garage?

. But since we live on a slope, is the entrance to the Garage is so steep, that it was no longer in the current conditions with all-wheel drive. So we had the cars if we ever wanted to have a Chance to use them on the road.

How is your house?

The big problem are the loads on the roof. Our saddle roof, holds about half a ton per square meter. We are not far away. It’s snowing since one week almost continuously. My husband is yesterday has risen high, from me, with the rope secured, and has the top-30 to 40Zentimeter, which were relatively powdery, with the broom removed. It is as many centimeters are but Pappy hard snow. We fear, therefore, the weekend, as the forecast calls for rain, the snow is really heavy because it soaks up the rain. Probably my husband will have to go up to the roof with the shovel.

How to do it the other Mies bachern?

We are cut off completely, therefore, we have at the Moment, the only contact with the neighbors. The kindly came over with his Tractor, he has the front of a snow slide. Otherwise, we regard information are also dependent on the media.

Are you with the reporting to be satisfied?

What I find a bit exaggerated headlines such as “Winter Hammer” or “snow Drama”. Overall it is reported to be appropriate, it is just a exceptional situation, without that I would have the impression that you are slipping away from us. However, I’m at the Moment hardly read a newspaper or watch TV – because of the snow.