The heavy snowfall in the South of Bavaria, to go further. Until Monday will come on the edge of the Alps, up to 40 centimetres of snow is expected, such as the German weather service announced on Sunday morning. This could lead to big problems on the road and the rails. The avalanche danger remains high in the affected areas.

the weather also led to fatal accidents: In the Berchtesgadener Land, a woman died in an avalanche accident. The 20-Year-old was on Saturday at the Teisenberg with a ski touring group on the road, when she was buried, the police announced. In Bad Tölz in upper Bavaria, a 19-died-Years after the collision of two cars on a snow-slippery road. Four other people were injured, according to police – two of them seriously.

Overall, the snowfall has been busy in the night to Sunday, many police officers. “We’ve had since Saturday night 140 inserts because of fallen down Branches, or broken cars,” said a spokesman for the police of upper Bavaria South on Sunday morning. More traffic accidents remained mostly without injured. Similar reported to the police for the Northern area of upper Bavaria.