You trust your cell phone too much. This small screen, a jewel of technology, contains a large part of your private life: access to your accounts on social networks, to your bank account, photos of your loved ones and even, for some, information about their health. Sure, you’ve coded your phone and you’re making sure it doesn’t get stolen, but that’s not enough, because scammers have access to your cell phone remotely. They don’t even need to have it in hand to take control of your data and no one is safe.

Several hacking techniques currently exist and all of them are very effective:

There are other ways to hack your phone, including through public WiFi. Your first instinct should be to protect yourself: you can install antivirus software on your smartphone and, of course, it is better to avoid installing unknown applications. If you are suspicious and far-sighted, do you know how to spot the signs of a hack? Some don’t cheat. Find out which ones in the slideshow below.