In 2014, the world is acquainted with the ‘Wrinkles the Clown’ when it is a scary movie with a clown, more about. Fodder for nightmares, but as it turns out, to a certain degree, staged. The scary one is hired by the parents who send their naughty daughter a good lesson to learn. ‘Wrinkles’, is immediately the stuff of legend. He has been overwhelmed with phone calls, and appear at the numerous videos on the internet, about the clown. But for anyone who has Wrinkles and what’s wrong with him, in order to have profitable business? In a new documentary that is out now.

the ‘Wrinkles’ it was a period of time, do not skip out on the news. Obsessed fans around the house to themselves while they have a clown making a call, children are threatened with violence if the man is ever under the bed creeping, and the parents are likely in their turn that they are going to call for the slightest wrongdoing.

in A documentary to be looking for who is the man behind the make-up and in-depth look at the creation of the myth surrounding the fearsome figure. The trailer for the film, which is on the 4th of October in the conference rooms will appear – chase the viewers, however, all of the convulsions in the body. “Come out, Shock ( the creepy characters that were thought up by Stephen King, ed. ), there is a new blood-a clown is in the heart of the city, you hear the sound of it.

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