All excuses are good for partying. It is for this reason that many world days have been created. Indeed, while many of them concern serious themes and are designed to support causes, the 365 days of the year also offer the possibility of dedicating days to unusual or even crazy causes.

For example, January 13 has for many years been International No Pants Day. If the foundations of this choice are difficult to understand, this day at least deserves to make people smile.

Dozens of other days like this exist, here is a small selection for the curious.

January 12: it’s “kiss a ginger day”. If we translate in French, it means the world day to kiss a redhead.

September 19 is World Talk Pirate Day. Obviously, you have to try to speak like a corsair to pay homage to their language.

October 12: International Egg Day. The perfect opportunity to eat an omelette.

November 19: Created in 2001 by the World Toilet Organization, it is International Toilet Day. Its purpose is to educate the general public on hygiene issues, explains Cosmopolitan.

There are thus, across borders, days that unite the whole world behind themes, each crazier than the next. Within France, the villages each have their own traditions and unusual festivals also exist in the four corners of France. Check out the funniest ones in our slideshow.