Robert’s Offer (58) had been working for many years in the slaughterhouse of brussels south Charleroi airport. He knew it from the inside and the outside. It was also necessary, as a maintenance manager. How could it happen that one of the machines, which are the man for years, and helped to maintain it, his death, his colleagues don’t understand it.

No one can understand how it is possible that Robert’s Offer, that’s already 34 years old at the slachtuis from brussels south Charleroi airport was working, it was able to get one of these machines. His colleagues are in a state of shock. Offer came in, with his head stuck in a machine that is used for the animals to drink. Research must now show how this can be done in a day, not even a time were planned.

the Offer led a team of maintenance managers in the company. He was married and had two children, and three grand-children, and was very involved in the local community. So it was that he, as chairman of the parent committee of the church of Notre-Dame de Lourdes in france, in Gilly, the annual sinterklaasbal. The board of directors of the school decided that the ball was to take place, to set.

you can Also use the herdenkingsgroep the Second world War, where you Offer, when plugged in, and a message of sorrow to be shared.