Over the mountains, the anxiety piles up, the snow that buries everything in its path and traces of a serial killer blurs. Afraid of burglars. Fear of being Caged. Afraid of the naked in tooth and claw Krampus in addition to the smiling Nicholas. Fear of Terror, the climate disaster and the collapse of our societies. Afraid of losing the home and to fall into the hands of dark powers. Afraid of Strangers, against sexual violence, to be in front of it, digital spied on and naked on the net; before betrayal, helplessness, old age, death. Afraid of the pain. But above all, the fear that the Evil will not defeat me, to always do the Right thing and fail. Unconscious fear that everything is futile, because at the end of the Horror triumphs.

Ursula Scheer

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

Ellie Stocker and Gedeon Winter have not guessed, by which the mountains of the Fears you will have to fight as a body on an Alpine pass, which marks the German-Austrian border, and brings it all together. Exactly on the demarcation line of the lifeless body of a man in deep snow, naked, prepared as in a ritual murder. The Commissioner of Salzburg beckons, a colleague from Berchtesgaden, and adopted. But the killer will strike again and the Duo collaboration force: the over-the-hill, in the swamp of drugs versa swallowed and defeatist hollowed Austrians and the acting, always in a friendly and authentic acting German hard tidy.

Nicholas Ofczarek and Julia Jentsch embody the two characters, is the greatest good fortune that could happen to the eight-part Thriller series “The Pass”. For so great had been the Horror of the investigators, some will also, it is the actual force remains the centre of the drama – even though soon as a third main character of the appearance, only for the viewers, not for the investigator, unmasked serial killer, as the Franz is Hartwig is an impressive idea.

Austrians – against Teutonic clichés, the script-writers and film-makers Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert not apply. The basic idea of your plot you have borrowed rather shamelessly from the Scandinavian series “The bridge”, the subject of the moral attrition of the painfully unsuccessful abrackernde investigators of leiden, in the case of “True Detective”. However, “The Pass”, from the production company Wiedemann&Berg for Sky hung up, dissolves quickly from his models, and becomes something of its Own: a deep in old traditions, and new Disruptions of the Alpine countries leading horror story; a nervous game, the compressed the Paranoia of his characters under high voltage.

The two investigators give the comforting “odd couple”, as you can draw. Nicholas Ofczarek, for years, Ensemble member at the Vienna Burgtheater, a fixed size in the cinema and again and again, with outstanding roles like in Lars Becker’s “Among friends” on the television present, must anyone prove something. In the role of Gedeon Winter he throws force with full physical. So unrestrained, keep, once its belly in schmuddeligem rib in the camera, from as far down from the emotional Depth the views must seem to come once the Winter is fully over the world to glide.