the end of a service journey. That Severin Freund is the mid-point of the four-hills-tournament circuit, it is not surprising. Too large, the residue of the once best German ski jumper is currently the world’s top is still. Two Cruciate ligament tears, nearly two years break from competition: can’t even make a well-known expert like friend back. Friend knew of this heavy mortgage, and he also knew that, for him, national coach Werner Schuster would only hold up to a certain point, the back.

This point is now reached. After the first two races of the four-hills-tournament fighting also many of the spectators have seen at the sold-out jumping hills in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen is your one tiger honey not so high jumps and so far it flies, how it the low-Bayer for many years, and his audience has been raptured.

the gap to close is hard

team-Olympic champion, world champion, overall world Cup winner, runner-up in the four-hills-tournament: friend has achieved a great deal, very much even. For a decade he has been the face of the German ski jumping. The 30-Year-old has become a much-admired athletes – and with him also being a Coach, the medals and the master builders Schuster.

friend has now recognized that the gap after the two injury-related setbacks but not to close so quickly. That Schuster spoke to last, optimists have the Tooth pulled, my friend would rise to the old size, sound hard, however, corresponded to the facts. Place 36 in Oberstdorf, ranked 41 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Based on previous relationships were, this is not conceivable and the presentable results. Both times didn’t make it, the former high-Flyer friend again, to qualify for the second round, for the best thirty ski jumpers start are entitled. Friend’s performance is not right, so he has to let Younger as Constantin Schmid take the lead.