After the discovery of a skeletal forearm with a Hand in the police has been able to establish a connection with a missing person’s case from Central Hessen. After extensive court medical examinations, it was the bones of a missing young man of sense in the Lahn-Dill-Kreis map, informed the public Prosecutor’s office in Wetzlar and the police Directorate of the Lahn-Dill on Tuesday. The police assumes that the man is dead.

A railway employee had found the bones, therefore, already in the summer of last year, on the tracks of the railway line between sense and Herborn. The police have been able to find in the vicinity, no other human bones, it could not be excluded that the animals have moved to other body parts, it said.

In the case of his Disappearance by the end of 2017, the young man of sense, was 28 years old. The cause of death, according to the investigating authorities is not yet known. Currently, but presumed to be an accident or a suicide.