Culture stream singer Marena Whitcher in the cultural stream of our online series brings art in your living room. This Saturday with the singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Marena Whitcher.Pascal Blum1 Kommentar1Marena Whitcher in your living room.

The must-get first all the time, and for “Viva volksmusik” on SRF busy accompanied by a Schwyzerörgeli – and at the same time with the rousing Pop-Duo Eclecta send to win the promotion prize of the Canton of Zurich in 2020.

The 30-year-old Marena Whitcher, as a Swiss-American dual citizen, perhaps a little more “outgoing” than others, but everything. You can elaborate do it Yourself-Sound as well as classic Jazz Repertoire, avant-garde Pop; the Zurich-based singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer understands theatricality as the Shrill, but always so that it holds up well under.

Marena Studied Whitcher, among other things, jazz singing with Marianne Racine, and no matter what she has prepared for the culture stream: it is definitely good what’s going on.

Marena Whitcher live.Photo: John DietschiDer culture stream

The Corona-crisis hits artists particularly hard. Her performances were deleted prior to the introduction of Social Distancing measures. And the announced easing of the Lockdown you will be the last to know when certain events are on months is not feasible.

Some stream their art, therefore, from home. We want to support and show over the next few weeks, performances by musicians, comedians, Slam-poets, and authors. Times live, sometimes recorded – according to the Motto: May the audience not the artist, the artist goes to the audience.

We and the artists we are of course aware that such recordings are anything other than professionally. But in a crisis, where even Queens and presidents, Webvideo occur in appearance, has the Corona-Aesthetics quite a certain appeal. We hope you enjoy the performances like that!

on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 18 h, in the Ministry of cultural Affairs in the section “culture stream”.

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