simple green is introducing a washing liquid at the base of the waste materials. As the producer of ecological detergents and cleaning products to handle the waste from the brewery, AB Inbev could, by means of a washing liquid for at least one quarter is composed of restalcohol, waste disposal, and that, after the brewing of non-alcoholic beer left over. Informs that Ecover france.

In 2020, it aims for simple green to be 100 per cent recycled plastic in all our packaging products and also there is a test of an alternative bio-degradable packaging material for the program. Also, AB InBev aims to be as little as possible-the plastic in the market. By 2025, it wants the brewer to have 100 percent of all products sold in recyclable packaging, or to a large extent of recycled material in production.

the Ethanol and water will come out of the bierbrouwproces for use in dish washing liquid, it is according to the simple green is just the start of it. Over the next five to ten years, the company said other items, which partly consist of the residual waste, as well as experimentation with products on the basis of CO2 emissions and waste. Also, the company adopted, in its turn, plans to take over the graanresten and restalcohol that is left over after the brewing process, in a sustainable way.

‘Too Good to Waste, it is the first washing up liquid that is at least one-quarter consists of by-product is that, after the brewing of non-alcoholic beer left over. “Our association with Ecover, is an important step on the way to a sustainable, renewable economy,” said Yleni of The Offering, milieumanager to the company in Europe. “The beer is brewed with four all natural ingredients. To take care of the natural environment is a key task for us as a brewer. As the popularity of non-alcoholic beer is still quite limited, the restalcohol just be a waste stream that is organic, it was torn down.”

brewer is referring to the rise in popularity of non-alcoholic beer. “Since then, we have to be more ecological, and more ambitious applications are designed for the restalcohol. Earlier in the year, we already to make ethanol is to convert it into biogas for vehicles. Our long-term vision is to make alcohol to be effective as a co-product, you will no longer be a by-product.”

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