Simone Biles still not over landing Historical Yurchenko double pike


Biles is expected to go to Tokyo and try Yurchenko double pike on international stage

Sometimes Simone Biles strikes herself with some of the things she can perform as a gymnast.

Biles, one of the greatest Olympians in the event’s history, did what had been thought to be almost impossible to get a gymnast on the weekend — complete the Yurchenko double loaf around the vault. No girl had ever finished the move in a competition but Biles was able to pinpoint it.

“Unbelievable,” among those broadcasters said after Biles landed.

She clarified to NBC Sports what was going through her mind when she was going up to perform the move.

“I was only thinking,’Can it like instruction. Do not try to overdo anything,’ because I have a trend once I raise my hand to overpower items, which I did a small bit, but I was still on my toes,” Biles said, through Yahoo Sports. “it is a new vault. I’m proud of how today went, although it was a little bit tough and uncharacteristic.

The sole issue with the move was that Biles over-rotated and needed to take just a couple of steps back to get it right, based on The New York Times.

She would win the all-around contest and was asked why she would keep doing the movement even if she wasn’t likely to be rewarded in a style that she desired.

“Because I could,” she responded,

On Monday, Biles appeared to still be coming down from the top of the movement.

“I’m sorry but I can’t think I competed (sic) a double breasted on vault,” she wrote.

Biles seems to be getting prepared for the Tokyo Games. She’s won 19 gold medals at the World Championships because 2013.