the silver medal supplies the Place Evenepoel, a financial bonus of 8.300 euro. Papa, Patrick, and Evenepoel was afterwards glad of the difference, with Rohan Dennis is so great. He did not think, even for the mental peace of the son, it is not a bad thing, and that was for a world title in the pro’s yet is not forthcoming.

The prize fund of the UCI, it is good for about 2300 euros. The Belgian cycling federation will do and there is still an additional 6000 euro on top of it.

“Before the start, you could see his eyes twinkle,” said the father of the wielerfenomeen. “He was talking about in the top five on the stage, if need be. And then he makes it still totally worth it. This is the way the entire season, far exceeding our expectations.”

Photo: Olivier Matthys

the Father and the mother are celebrating the silver medal, along with a fan club of his. No one mourned the lost of his title. “I’m glad that the difference is less than a minute,” said the father, Patrick, who also did not think that it is the mental peace of the son is not a bad thing, it is that of a world championship title in the pro’s yet is not forthcoming: “In this respect, it might be even better to have Dennis here to win.”
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