Everything flows, everything changes – only the “dream ship” drives without leaking from the power of the time. For almost forty years, the seemingly unsinkable entertainment steamer of the ZDF evaporated seas about the world. As he stabbed for the first Time in the lake, there were still two German States, it was on the phone with dial telephones of the German Federal post in Kleist gray, Wine red, or moss green and wore a permanent wave. The TV had an antenna, three programs, and no remote control, computers were something for specialists, globalization was not a term, and what would have to be for late effects it once, that the Soviet Union and the United States fought in Afghanistan, a proxy war, no one could have guessed.

it was All manageable, sigh, nostalgic, if you look at the time, Wolfgang Rademann, inspired by the DDR series “The lake” and the American “Love Boat”, the “dream ship” from the deck. The transfigured look back certainly has something to do with the nostalgic today’s fold at that time is less and more hair.

The correct SOP

But for such a past, longing for the “dream ship” just the right chill pill. It is, in fact, not a ship, but a capsule. A time capsule from the early eighties, in a stem occupation plays, with changing personnel, the eternal return of the Same, up to the captain’s dinner with Sparklers.

if you don’t like to believe it, you should do the episodes in the library are in the ZDF-available: In “Japan”, “Haiwaii”, “wedding trip to the Piedmont” and the “wedding trip to the Cyclades” enjoy some well-to-do German, of which only in selected exceptional cases, a or a a positively occupied an immigrant background to bring (the bride-to-be with a Japanese father, the bride with Italian roots) on a trip into the unknown.

With the need to come to the passengers – the cruise ship as luxurious Federal Republican ideal enclave had never been seriously in touch. A couple of natives, Pardon me, the Locals scurrying to the shore decorative through the picture, that should be enough. Plots, dialogue, and staging work from the “black forest clinic”, and reassuringly familiar characters, such as learning sister Elke, Oh no, the hotel Director, Hanna (Barbara Wussow) reconcile Estranged or lonely hearts find love.