This is the end point of all (or almost!) professional careers. Retirement ends, in the majority of cases, the career of workers in the country. If expected this moment can sometimes be, it remains nonetheless… difficult to apprehend. You have to prepare well, otherwise you risk finding yourself in a complex situation, at least financially. This also implies, as Planet has already been able to write in the context of its recent investigation, to know your rights well. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

To be informed and better prepared, there are several solutions. It is obviously possible to call on its pension fund and seek advice from its teams. Others also turn to third-party companies to help them piece together lost quarters and other important pieces of their journey. But there is also the possibility of doing an internship when approaching retirement. A real “tailor-made support”, boasted the magazine Dossier Familial in January 2022.

In fact, our colleagues explain, many organizations offer this type of training. These are paid meetings, since it takes about 1,000 euros for two days of lessons. Some propose to work on the “personal development” phase (retirement also has its share of difficulties relating to the change of lifestyle) while others focus on the steps that will have to be taken, the mode of calculation of pensions…

In most cases, the courses in question also offer various modes of participation. It is a good idea to opt for an active model, since it will allow you to better apprehend and understand the concepts exposed.

Sophie Muffang, a trained psychologist, has led several retirement preparation courses. In the columns of Our Time, she explains why such events can have their place as the cessation of activity approaches. According to her, new elements make the situation more complex for retirees today: the taboo of old age and the increase in life expectancy. So many factors to take into account and that it is useful to address.

The training therefore responds, says Ooreka, to several types of need. They allow to:

It is clear that such training can be expensive. This is why it is important to choose them carefully, otherwise you risk having to pay for lessons that you probably did not need, recalls Dossier Familial.

Some, to finance such an effort, might be tempted to use their Individual Training Account, which became CPF in 2018. Unfortunately for them, these courses are not eligible for the CPF, specifies Ooreka. They can however be paid by the employer, who is not obliged to do so, or by pension funds.