Pension reform, galloping inflation, war in Ukraine and now a fuel shortage… Autumn, for the Head of State, is rather busy. Emmanuel Macron is however determined to occupy the political and public field, by addressing the French this evening in the new political program of France 2, L’Evènement.

On the program of this new format, 1h30 of questions and answers, orchestrated by journalist Caroline Roux.

The president’s last televised address dates back to July 14. Since then, it is an understatement to say, many events have shaken the daily lives of the French even more. Emmanuel Macron should, in particular, address the thorny subjects of inflation, the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis, in a more than tense context.

He should also react to the news and speak out about the fuel shortage affecting France and affecting millions of French motorists for several days.

What should we expect from this speech? The point by subject in our slideshow.

According to several observers, the head of state should focus on foreign policy issues, at a time when Russian attacks against Ukraine seem to be intensifying and when Moscow continues to brandish the nuclear threat. “He really wants to have peace on national issues (…) He is still there to talk about Ukraine, Armenia, Russia, Italy, Great Britain”, confided a member of the government at AFP. A posture that annoys the opposition, which would like the president to first tackle more “national” concerns. In fact, however, gauges a ministerial adviser, always with AFP “he will have to start with national subjects”.

Philippe Moreau Chevrolet, specialist in political communication, is not surprised by this choice to place international issues at the heart of his intervention. It is, for him, “symptomatic that he has chosen to start (this time) with the “reserved area” of Foreign Affairs, which naturally places him above the fray”, he reported to l ‘France Media Agency.