Shortage of paper: everything that will cost you more at the start of the school year


The summer holidays are approaching, and already, we are thinking of the start of the school year in September. Especially since this year, due to record inflation, it promises to be even more expensive for families.

For several months, households have been bearing the brunt of soaring energy prices and certain foodstuffs, due, among other things, to the war in Ukraine. Another sector, which is less talked about, is just as affected by the conflict: paper.

With the rise in energy prices, and the shortage of raw materials, the production of paper and cardboard has become particularly expensive.

“In a few months, the price of cardboard has increased by 180%, paper by 70%”, reports BFMTV. To cope, stationery companies should therefore increase their prices in the coming weeks.

The Oxford boss has clarified on RTL that the brand’s products will undergo a 20 to 25% increase in supermarkets by the start of the school year.

This year, the purchase of school supplies for your children or office accessories for yourself should therefore weigh (more) on your budget. Discover in our slideshow all that you will have to pay more in August.

At the moment, the new government of Elisabeth Borne is working on a bill aimed at increasing the purchasing power of the French, hard hit by the pandemic and by the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Among the measures that should be adopted before the fall, we are talking in particular about a food check, which could offer a boost to households when paying for their groceries. But lately, associations have also asked for a new revaluation of the ARS, the back-to-school allowance, already increased at the beginning of May to align with inflation.

“This allowance is intended for families with one or more children, to help them meet the costs of the start of the school year in September with the purchase of supplies, the renewal of the cloakroom or the registration for sports clubs.”, explains BFM TV.

Its amount is:

Will it be enough to absorb the astronomical expenses that are to be expected this year to fill the schoolbags?