Summer is not here yet, but the heat wave is already waiting for us. It had been announced for a few days, a record heat wave on our territory at this time of the year. The result did not take long to become known.

As of Monday, June 13, records have been broken. As Le Parisien reports, temperatures have risen to levels not seen so early in the year. In the Bouches-du-Rhône, the bar of 36.2°C was reached on the Marseille side. This is 0.9° more than the previous record between June 10 and 20 which was set on June 17, 2003 with 35.3°C.

For farmers, this heat wave is accompanied by a lack of rain and therefore a drought which could have a deleterious effect. Indeed, this lack of water is felt all the more since it is often forbidden to pump water into a diversion canal to irrigate crops.

“In ten years, this is the first year that I have seen such a drought. Since the beginning of January, we have had only 60 millimeters” notes Bastien, farmer and service provider in Mondragon, on the antennas of FranceInfo.

In many areas, this drought should have dramatic effects on production, reports TF1. We estimate significant declines in stocks in a context where they are already weakened, in particular by the war in Ukraine.

In the coming months, several products could therefore begin to run out or see their prices increase.

Here are the seven that could be victims of inflation or supermarket shortages.