Shortages of mustard and wheat at the start of the year were just the beginning of a long succession of empty shelves in our supermarkets. Between stockouts and rising prices, many foodstuffs are running out.

These shortages are not only linked to the conflict in Ukraine, but also to the numerous droughts that have affected vegetable and fruit crops in the European Union. According to Liberation, the price of cereals would have increased by 56.2% in one year.

“Climatic conditions, poor harvests, the Ukraine-Russia conflict and other production difficulties have significantly accelerated the shortages of certain products since the start of the year, and have undermined shelf availability in 2022”, François Laffontan told the daily, consultant at Nielsen IQ (data analysis company).

The cost of energy could, as Planet explained in this article, force farmers to abandon summer vegetable production this winter. Tomato and lettuce are particularly targeted, as their plant requires a greenhouse.

Foie gras, eggs, potatoes… Are foods in short supply or which could soon be missing from your small dishes. You have to get used to it, at the moment, some foodstuffs are not available on our plates.

So, to replace them, being creative, a bit of imagination and a little daring is at the very least necessary. To help you, Planet has produced the slideshow below which lists foodstuffs that can easily replace those that are out of stock.