In 2020, the announcement of confinement had raised fears of a shortage of toilet paper. In 2022, this item, which can be found in any supermarket, is no longer particularly vulnerable to this shortage situation. On the other hand, many other commodities are in a situation of high tension. What are the reasons why there are so many fears of food shortages?

According to Liberation, the current geopolitical situation with the conflict in Ukraine has caused disruptions in the distribution chains, but not only. It is also the multiple droughts in France and Europe that have created a shortage in certain sectors.

And theoretically soon, the cost of energy, which will force farmers not to use their greenhouse this winter… Consequence: less production. Some vegetables may even no longer be on the menu this winter, such as tomatoes or salads.

In supermarkets, the shelves are emptied more or less quickly depending on the needs. Already in July, Planet warned of the shortage of palm oil in France and throughout Europe. However, in our favorite distributors, it is apparently not the oils that are most in demand.

The specialized firm Nielsen IQ has established a barometer of the availability of certain products, over the period from the beginning of March to mid-August 2022. The latter has thus defined the 10 products experiencing the greatest stockouts. To know them, Planet has made in the slideshow below their classification, according to the negative percentage of availability.

In all, the ruptures would have generated 2.7 billion euros gross of loss of profit for the large distribution since the beginning of the year according to the study, reported by Femina…