Whether sporty, casual or chic, simple, white sneakers always go. The Team of the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison probably thought and missed to the politician on an official family portrait a new Look. With Photoshop siekurzerhand exchanged the Shoe factory of Morrison. So the politician is now sitting instead of in a older older Pair of K-Swiss-Sneakerin bright white shoes, in addition to his family on a Meadow.

The hook: The original photo was already released. And really good image processing not: The politicians have been missed with two left feet.Morrison had arranged the handling, it is not authorized, said a spokesman for the Prime Minister. The revised photo was used for the official Christmas card of the Prime Minister. At times it was also the lead story for the Website of the politician. Meanwhile, is there to see, however, the original photo, that Morrison shows in the old Shoe factory.

The failed image-editing caused a lot of laughs in Australia and quickly spread under the Hashtag #Shoegate in the social media. On Twitter posted user own Memes and moved in the process, other politicians with white sneakers or presented Morrison in clown shoes.

The politicians even took the custom Look with a sense of humour and posted on Twitter a photo of his own Sneaker. To this end, he wrote: “message to my Department: I have not asked for the Shoe Polish. But if your photoshopt, then focus, please, on my hair (so the lack of it), not on my feet! Here they are in all their glory – my favorite shoes, if I drop the suit.“ If the time is not casual enough.