casting is a spectacular resettlement: The mail order company Otto wants to build in the Central Hessian town of a large logistics centre. This is an Otto spokesman confirmed to the FAZ.NET-request. The total investment is estimated at around 300 million euros.

Thorsten Winter

business editor and Internet coordinator of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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Accordingly, the company is planning an approximately 70,000 square meters large warehouse, with up to 1300 jobs. This is the first step. The site was large enough to expand it if necessary, said the spokesman.

operation of 2022 planned

the logistics center will be built on the former site of the American armed forces. It is located on the Eastern edge of the city of Giessen. Close to the Central Initial reception centre in the country for refugees. According to Otto, to the organization of 2022 on from there packages by truck.

Gießen is located in the middle of Germany, has a ring road and is a regional transport hub. From the point of view of Otto, the city is an “ideal location for logistics”.

Committee meeting

On the planned resettlement had first reported the “Gießener Anzeiger” onkine, followed by the “giessener Allgemeine”. For the evening session of the municipal building Committee is scheduled to deal with the issue, as it is called.