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Jose Luis Campuzano “Sherpa” is getting a lot of sticks in the social media for his criticism of the management of the pandemic. So many, that even peers of its own group, and Barons (formed after his departure from Red Baron ), are very concerned about the consequences that they can have their statements. But the singer and bassist don’t seem to have intention to lower the arms, and has returned to launch a power attack on the Government on his Twitter account, this time for an alleged “veto” that has caused the cancellation of the broadcast of an interview he did for the program Boris Izaguirre in TVE, Ties of Blood, in which he spoke of the comedy duo Tuesday and Thirteen alongside comedians such as Carlos Latre or The Duo Sharpener.

“Dear tweeters, I warn you that this thread is going to be long. We will, more that thread is going to be a ball. But I advise you to read it from beginning to end because I will be worth it,” says the musician in your social networking profile. “It was planned, and even announced on TV that the next Wednesday that I would be invited, along with people such as Carlos Latre, the Duo Sharpener and some people most of the world – the tarantula – how he said a neighbor of mine, referring to the showbiz, to intervene in the program “Ties of blood” and comment on my experience and contribution in terms of the formation and subsequent success of the group is humorous Tuesday and Thirteen “.

The artist continues to ensure that “if someone was one of the keys to the formation of this group is great, we went by order of importance: My wife, Carolina, and after I”, and goes on to tell of the mishap lived with the television. “It was all spoken with the producer of the program, we had recorded a pre-interview only with me by telling anecdotes graciosísimas and internals of the trio and then duo’s. Well, today two days of the broadcast of the live program, I call from the producer canceling my intervention because TVE only want the exclusive presence of comedians. I confess that I kind of expected this creeping veto.”

the Sherpa says that “the producer is coming apart at the excuses”, and he replied: “don’t worry, because when the commissioner bolshevik R. M. Mateos capo of TVE, and the people we Can in the board of directors , the weird thing is that I do not vetaran by what’s been happening these past few months due to my statements against the government for the bad management of the Pandemic”.

“These are the democrats who came to cleanse and regenerate the political and social life of Spain,” laments the legendary ex-member of Red Baron, which concludes by warning: “In another thread I will tell you the guarrada that made us TVE of the PSOE to Red Baron when we were on tour in Colombia. And not to worry, because I will tell at length on Tuesday, and Thirteen in the book that we’re writing my wife Carolina and I”.

Forgotten in Colombia

This Wednesday, Sherpa has fulfilled the promise of having the “guarrada” that made them “the TVE of the PSOE” to Red Baron when they were on tour for the first time to Colombia. “ First tour of the Red Baron in Colombia. I don’t remember if it was in the year 83 or 84 . Concert in cities: Bogotá, Cali, Medellín and Pereira. Event cultural musical at the national level. All the tv channels airing spots with our arrival and promotion of events. Great expectation because we preceded the controversy of having censored the Colombian Church our theme, “Children of Cain”, until I gave in, and could edit there our disk. Hosted at the famous Hotel Tequendama, famous because there was retained a few years after the family of Pablo Escobar, until he hunted and killed in the shootout on a roof. If you have seen “Narcos” (I Am the fire that burns in your skin, I am the water that kills your thirst…what a bolero is more beautiful!), that scene of the series is quite faithful to reality.”

The musician continues: “In the Tequendama agree five artists diverse: Serrat, Rocío Jurado, Men G and Jose Luis Perales, the last two promotional tour. I remember to have coincided at the reception with Serrat and after greeting us she said to me: “it Is amazing the people that move, I act today in a theatre of 300 people.” I commented this because it was amazing to see the crowd of young people going into the bullring hours before the concert. The plaza de toros de Bogotá looked very good from the hotel. 10,000 people by the box office came in that night. After the concert we are resting in the hotel after several interviews to the media, it was a Sunday, and we had interest in seeing how he had finished in Spain the derby Real Madrid/Atletico Madrid. We got to see the international channel of TVE, they were the 12 of the night about. I seem to remember that Atletico put four to zero to Madrid. Well, it leaves the presenter, which if memory doesn’t fail me, was I TATATACHANNN! is don Rosa María Mateos! And loose the following: “In Colombia, has agreed to an embassy múusical Spanish artists: bla, bla, bla, and appoints the four less to us that we were bombing those moments.

following the reprisal of the PSOE against us.”