as an Athlete Marieke Vervoort, more commonly known as the Wielemie, it is the death of the best in the City, Mile on Twitter. The rolstoelatlete was suffering from a life-threatening spieraandoening. According to the VRT, the Paralympiër of euthanasia is chosen.

“Marieke Vervoort, our Wielemie’, she passed away. Our most sincere condolences to her family and friends,” according to the City, Mile on Twitter. It is a book to open.

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as for The nickname, Wielemie she got it after she twice took part in the Paralympic Games. She has won several medals. A few weeks before she, along with racepiloot seen a lot This in a Lamborghini on the racetrack of Zolder, belgium. “There are a lot of dreams that I have been able to make it. It was the last one”, she said. But then, she also said that she and her euthanasia, to have had.

READ ON FOR MORE. Marieke Vervoort is fulfilling the last wish on the Circuit of Zolder, “This was my most recent dream

the Vervoort was 40 years of age.