The Preface in the “Most discreet” comes from Hape Kerkeling. “Marie Waldburg is the Reich-Ranicki of the colorful Boulevards,” writes the artist on the Society reporter. A real compliment from someone like Kerkeling, you may be more likely to be described as a friend of the gossip press.

But apparently reclusive celebrities appreciate the nature and functioning of Marie forest castle. From the mid-70s until the end of the 90s, you worked for the “Münchner Abendzeitung”, she later moved to the magazine “Bunte”. Now she explains to her long-standing recipe for success as a tabloid journalist and revealed a secret from the world of celebrities. © Jörg Fokuhl “Most discreet” of Marie Waldburg

1. What indicates a successful Society reporter is characterized

As the title of Waldburgs book: As a tabloid Journalist, you should be much more discreet more often than the layman suspects. A good wire to the Celebrities, the A and O is – and the is trust. You should have a real interest in the people, says the forest castle, and to take care of yourself never important. The native of the Queen used always to call your contacts with a regular phone – even if the famous people just nothing of decency. In addition to discretion, the 70-Year-old in addition to drinking. In an Interview with the BR she also explained why: “If a movie is ten hours, then the interesting stuff will happen in the eighth hour.”

2. “To shit

writing is” the importance of discretion in her Job and was, describes the forest castle on the example of Helmut Dietl (who died in the year 2015), from the raves up until today. In the year 2000 she met the star Director in the film ball – he will eat his and distant compared to his former partner Veronica Ferres. His answer, as a forest castle with him to a late hour nachhakte: “let’s split up.” Your first thought: “A response such as a headline”. However, to trombones instead of the story directly in the world, made Waldenburg something else: “I did something that was maybe stupid, but ethically correct: I called him the next Morning […]. Dietls harsh reaction on the phone: “shit writing.” So Waldenburg had the Story only once to rest, and it was published at a later date. dpa Veronica Ferres and Helmut Dietl were nine years a Few

3. Bernd Eichinger’s “tears of rage”

On the producer Bernd Eichinger, a colleague Helmut Dietl in Munich Society, reported to the forest castle to be particularly emotional, but amazing moments. Apparently could not accept Eichinger well with second place: “I remember John’s tears of rage at the German Film when he won the silver […].” At the same time, the reporter describes Eichinger as a courageous, loyal and fair man – as an exception in the industry. “Bernd appreciated what others were working, and was often the Only one who asked a Personal.”

4. "Monaco Franze” was a cult, in truth, shy

With his role as a detective and lady-killer “Monaco Franze” was the Munich-based actor Helmut Fischer in the early ‘ 80s. What hardly anyone knows: In real life, Fischer had not much in common with his alter Ego together, such as forest castle reveals in her book. This was particularly clear in the case of a plethoric Meet and Greet with female Fans in Munich. “No one can forget the gschamige face of Helmut Fischer, the supernatant of the scenario rather suffer than be happy, because he was so very different than the daredevil Monaco Franze.” ddp images Munich Original: Helmut Fischer

5. Boris Becker, a "misunderstood Hero"

Boris Becker, was in the past months because of insolvency procedures, as well as of his separation from wife Lilly Becker in the headlines, refers to the forest castle as the “misunderstood tennis heroes”. Three days you’ve experienced him up close and observed, “that reality and public perception gap is particularly apart.” Becker was straightforward and friendly, and not arrogant. “In all the stories circulating now about him, I see always the Boris of at the time.”

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