No section of society is immune to inequalities between women and men. According to the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (Drees), the retirement pension for women is 40% lower than that of men on average in 2020. A gap which is reduced to 28% if the We take into account the rights to the survivor’s pension.

This difference is due to several factors, namely:

To overcome these differences between retired women and men, several solutions exist. Among them, a proposal from the Democratic Movement (MoDem)…

On October 6, 2022, the Democratic Movement (MoDem) will be entitled to a parliamentary niche: it is a day when the agenda of the Assembly is reserved for it. The opportunity for the party to propose several bills for adoption, including the sharing of retirement quarters between spouses. According to Capital, this text by MP Maud Petit (Val-de-Marne) is intended to allow the transfer of quarters of retirement within a married, civil partnership or cohabitation couple.

“It may be that given the age, the career, possibly of one of the two who took care of the children, it is not possible to retire together to tackle a new life”, indicates the text of the bill. The objective is therefore to enable a couple to retire at the same time.

To date, only the sharing between the parents of eight “free” quarters granted for maternity and the education of children is authorized for private sector employees. “The decision must be made before the child’s fourth birthday, otherwise all eight trimesters automatically benefit the mother,” says Capital.

What would be the conditions for being able to “give” quarters of retirement to your partner?

Be careful, however: in the MoDem bill, the sharing of retirement quarters between spouses is only possible on one and only one condition. One of the members of the couple must have at their disposal a number of quarters greater than the minimum required to leave at full rate. It is also necessary that at the same time, his partner has not accumulated enough quarters to be able to retire without consequences for his pension.