The chip manufacturer, Intel can’t offer the downward trend in the industry is the forehead. The American company joined with a dim forecast for the current quarter, the quantitative predictions of competitors such as SK Hynix, Texas Instruments and ST Microelectronics. While investors were adopted with a view to the Latter, however, is worse and, accordingly, positively responded, she had hoped for of Intel more – accordingly, the price of the Intel shares fell after trading hours to nearly eight percent.

In the fourth quarter, Intel generated $ 5.2 billion profit, after in the previous year because of high tax burdens to a loss in the balance sheet. Sales climbed nine percent to 18.7 billion dollars, which was significantly lower than the previously held average expectations of the analysts. For the current quarter, Intel expects Revenues of $ 16 billion, which would be slightly less than in the previous year.

chip manufacturers are currently fighting around the world with an Oversupply, easily abflauender demand for Smartphones and less demand by crypto miners. It also has to do with the trade dispute between the United States and China.

Intel has, in turn, is concentrated in the last few years, in addition to PC-Chips is becoming more and more business with data centers and benefited from it. In the Christmas quarter, it was no longer in the division, however, is so round. Transition-in-chief Bob Swan, who is also responsible for the Finance, justified this development, among other things, with weaker demand in China. Recently, Apple had cut with reference to weaker business in the people’s Republic of its sales forecast for the first Time in 15 years – Intel is a supplier to the iPhone maker.