The share of the Finnish manufacturer of network equipment, Nokia’s Thursday morning ineengestuikt on the stock exchange in Helsinki, finland. The share was up nearly one-quarter lower, after the company derdekwartaalresultaten was published.

Nokia was also in the third quarter, in order to make a profit (eur 82 million), but investors ‘ attention is mainly on other announcements made. Such as reduced updates for the outlook for this year and next, and will be, it will be no dividends and have more to pay out. It would have been using this money to invest in 5G, it is the fast-paced follow-up to the mobile internet is 4G technology.

in Short, for up to 10 hours of posting, the share of Nokia, with a loss of just under 20 per cent, on the stock exchange of Helsinki, finland. It was at that moment that 3,74 euro.