Mr Döring, in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” are all dead. Following the recent Brexit decisions, it seems that the British policy of a similarly tragic Finale is not far away. What would be the national poet for this Plot yet to come?

Anna-Lena Ripperger

editor in the policy.

F. A. Z. Twitter

is Much more dramatic than the reality, can not think of a playwright. It looks rather as if the whole of Brexit-Drama according to a script is lost and no one knows any more what should happen in the next act. Quite interesting, I find that one of the main protagonists of the EU-exit has studied ancient literature and for his thought and in the literary categories are known: the former foreign Minister, Boris Johnson. He is, however, disappeared a bit too early from the stage.

the final two prepare for battle?

Whether Johnson moves just in the Background, the strings, and its Grand entrance prepared, we know not, as in the case of Macduff in the fifth act of “Macbeth”. Maybe not have a knot but also for him, the plot threads in a way that he knows how a solution might look like. I must say, even as a long-time Shakespeare reader and a passionate audience, I don’t know just how the Brexit-Drama should come to a Finale.

In what part of the plot are we in now? The highlight is a no to Mays agreement yesterday in the lower house reached or it is yet to come?

this is The Drama of reality has A certain structure that you can follow – you know, after five files, it is over. Shakespeare has taken care of however never. He’s got all the drama series is written, with highly political Material, it goes there still, and will always be more fanciful and terrible, of the of Henry up to the Richards, who inhabit the English civil war of the late middle ages. However, based Shakespeare never specifically to the current policy – because of the censorship he would not have allowed that. He looked back and brought his drama to a good end. No one can be in London at the Moment.