Out of shame, infidelity or simple desire not to hurt the loved one… Everyone can be led to lie to their partner. If it can be quite healthy to keep your secret garden or your part of mystery, be careful not to burn your couple slowly with secretive blows. Elite Partner, a German dating site, conducted a study on honesty in romantic relationships with 3,933 people. The goal ? Decipher what are the main subjects of lies between lovebirds.

The survey revealed that 18% of women hide their doubts about their relationship from their partner. In second place among women’s favorite lies, 16% of respondents do not dare to savor their attraction to a third person. In third place on the podium, 15% of women in a relationship are secretly embarrassed by the behavior of their loved one. What about men? Check out the top 15 of their most common lies in our slideshow below.

For some, adultery is the worst form of lying in a relationship. According to a survey carried out by Ifop in partnership with Gleeden in 2019*, 49% of men are concerned by infidelity, compared to 37% of women… Is this deception one of the most frequent lies in a relationship? ? Discover it now!

*Ifop study for Gleeden.com carried out by self-administered online questionnaire from April 11 to 15, 2019 with a sample of 5,026 women, representative of the female population aged 18 and over residing in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the UK.