The 26-year-old Michelle Sieber, from Florida, has been arrested due to a major case of animal cruelty. Video, eye-witness, Vincent Minutello told, let’s see what the lady and her dog barely had room to walk around. If the animal refuses to be near her, to stay, to share them with a hearty kick out of. She also pulls very hard on leash, so that the animal threatened to break.

Minutello posted the video Friday on Facebook, where they got a lot of fuss they caused. He has also entered into a verbal confrontation with the woman. “Can you be a little quieter to deal with that dog, please?”, he asked. Sieber, however, has very little understanding of its warning message. As for me, I go out, not to be kept on a lead. That is how to leibanden to work.”

It is a shocking film, it missed its effect. Thanks to the thousands of outraged comments on social media, it was Sieber was arrested by the police. Themselves, she declares that she has her house, only wanted to “work out”. The two dogs of the owner were taken.

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