a lot of investors have plugged in the past year is in the billions and offices in Frankfurt. A total of 10.2 billion euros were invested in commercial real estate in the financial city – 36 per cent more than in the previous year and a record value. Thus, Frankfurt is the leader in Germany, was the property specialist BNP Paribas Real Estate, said on Friday. In the Bank’s city alone, 19 Major contracts had been recorded.

Desires of the Main goods especially office towers in the financial district, such as an Overview of the industry consultant Colliers shows. So in 2018 the Omniturm at the Big Gallus street were sold for almost € 700 million to a Commerzbank real estate subsidiary. The Trianon, in which the savings banks Fund providers Deka sitting, went further, for 650 million euros to a South Korean consortium. Among the major Transfers, the Eurotheum and the Euro tower as the former headquarters of the European Central Bank to a financial group from Taiwan.

Frankfurt has been at the top of the Agenda of international real estate investors, the Brexit is driving the demand. In the financial district has the highest office rents in Germany are paid. Nationwide Paribas were invested, according to Figures from BNP around 61 billion euros in commercial properties such as offices and retail and logistics objects – also a top value.