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the sales of the “new normal”, consumers should be vigilant to avoid scams and the fulfillment of their rights. This summer, the period of discounts will be marked by the crisis of the coronavirus and while 39% of spaniards ensures that you do not plan to buy anything, another 53% acknowledge that this year will spend less, according to a questionnaire prepared by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU).

With the aim of knowing the rights of consumers in a summer period marked by the pandemic and, at the same time, not fall into traps or tricks; we collect a series of tips to serve as a guide for shopping in the sales in 2020 .

1. Ensure the safety . The first plans of the Government included the prohibition of sales to avoid crowds in the establishments physical. The Government, however, withdrew and decided to allow them, provided that measures are put in place to ensure the safety distance between people. In addition, it is compulsory to use a mask when not possible to keep this distance and should facilitate the use of hydroalcoholic gel to the clients.

2. “Supplement Covid” . Some merchants added now a surcharge to the ticket end to cover part of additional costs in disinfection of the premises. The consumer should know that in order for this cost to be legal, it must be told ahead of time by means of signage or a notice of the dependent. In addition, the supplement must be applied to all customers equally and be adjusted to the real price of the article that is going to acquire.

3. Quality and price earlier . From the OCU remember that the discount products must have formed part of the usual offerings of the establishment during at least the previous month and its price should be also the lowest during the last month. In the tag, the discounted price must be accompanied the previous and include the percentage of discount. In addition, the discounts must be applied at least 50% of the items on sale and to be separated from the products without the discount, add from complainant.is.

4. Advertising binding . The consumer may be required to comply with the promotions communicated in advertisements or brochures as the advertising is part of the contract and therefore, it is binding. In this way, the conditions of sale which are promised shall be fulfilled always and in case of any discrepancy with the price, the consumer may demand that it is more favourable.

5. Compost with card. From the complainant.it is affecting businesses do not have the obligation to always accept payment with credit or debit cards and may impose a minimum amount as a prerequisite to be able to make the payment with a bank card. However, since the plaforma online legal services explained that if the establishment allowed before the card payment and now it does not due to the rebates, you must tell us before the client.

6. Tickets and returns. A store cannot refuse to issue the ticket nor at the time of sales, because it is a document essential to return a product or claim the fulfillment of the warranty. Also, the after-sales service and the implementation of the guarantees are equal during the sales that the rest of the year, indicate from complainant.is. The experts of this platform have pointed out that the business physical are not required to make returns of purchase -although most if the contemplated in its business policy, except in cases in which the article present a defect.

7. Warranties intact . The discounted price of a product does not imply a lesser protection for the consumer, remember the experts of the complainant.is. For this reason, the legal warranty of an item purchased on sale must be equal to that of new gold purchased outside of this period, that is to say, two years. The legal warranty of an item purchased on sale must be identical to the guarantee account any new items purchased outside of this period. That is to say, two years. The fulfilment of the warranty is required of the establishment that sold you the article, and in the case that it was impossible to address him, you would have to apply to the own brand