Cancer and transplant patients by the Magic-ward spread for the corona virus has been exposed to seven child patients and their families.

the hospital district informed last Thursday that one of Her attendant found a corona virus infection. At the time, was told that the nurse had not been exposed patients to the virus.

on Saturday, HUS announced that the Magic section is detected add the corona virus infection. In that context, the health care district reported that staff in addition to the two office fermented patients and their families have been exposed.

yle of the data according to exposed families is, however, considerably more. Children’s hospital, chief physician Eero Jokinen confirms to Yle.

– currently exposed families is seven, Jokinen told

Jokinen, according to any positive result so far. Jokinen, at least some of the tests have yet to be completed, without. He doesn’t want to tell how many have been tested.

We don’t tell individual results.

yle of the data according to a rural mother and son were exposed to the virus department. Yle to talk about a mother’s exposure to shocked and worried.

– How of all the departments like that, which is, organ transplantation, cancer and blood disease patients, get to a event like this? That should be the world’s best children’s hospital and asylum for those children whose body resistance is zero, the mother said.

Cancer, blood disease and transplant patients in addition to the Magic department is also given stem cell treatment.

Yle has spoken two Magic department to be patient with mom. Both questioned whether the department adequate measures of child patients to protect.

the exposure of the department is upsetting the parents.Laura Hyyti / YleAltistus just a few days before settling in the

a Rural mother says that her son has been taken care of Magic in the department for several weeks. The boy was discharged last week.

the Mother occur in the case of anonymity, because of the child care relationship Magic is still going on.

Before the repatriation of both mother and son could be dealing with a nurse, which is found to the corona virus infection. My mother got a call of the doctor on Sunday.

the Exposure happened only a few days before the boy’s repatriation.

– your Doctor will tell you that we have been exposed to the nurse, which is found to the corona. It’s not even apologize in any way.

When the family was informed of the exposure, they were asked to contact, if the respiratory symptoms begin. It was my mom, the only help, which they got in this situation.

we are the fallen days of this exposure, that how long this loose hang, we’re. Terrible to wait, wait and ask questions from the kids, that is nothing. I am terribly disappointed and surprised, that even in that department the children are not safe.

Guidance respiratory protective equipment ranged

Another Overeating challenge by the mother according to his family, at least not known to have been exposed to the virus.

the Mother told me that he was informed last weekend that corona infection has spread to the department. The situation became clear to him on Saturday through the media, but HUS to inform families in person until Sunday.

– my Friends began to ask, that are you guys okay in there. I was wondering that what it is. Then I read in the newspaper. It said that all the department are informed of this. Not our yes be informed.

Hus Jokinen admits that the weekend information was not in all respects successful. Part of the reason, he says, is the fact that resources were nursing. In addition, the information need to get quickly spread to hundreds of people.

We don’t have really good ways to take every personal contact. Most of the resources go to treatment. We are sorry that this information is not all achieved.

Hus, according to the department prepared was corona infection doctor’s instructions.Laura Hyyti / Yle

the Mother tells hämmentyneensä, when the department managers started to use the respiratory protection equipment. Parents were not told the reason of ppe use. Parents are also not asked to keep the protective equipment.

respiratory protection does not belong to the department administrators of the normal equipment, chief physician Eero Jokinen told. According to him, the protection was introduced, when the staff first to make sure of the corona virus infection was obtained from the data. The staff member is no longer at that time been at work.

Protective equipment was introduced last week on Wednesday, but it was already the next day. At the time of infection the doctors came Jokinen, according to the conclusion, that they would not be useful. Later in the infection the doctors, however, consider the matter again.

– it so Happened that these positive results came more from people who were at home. Infection doctor you recommended again, that the mask is used since Saturday. Since then, they have been held when we are in the department to treat a patient, Jokinen said.

Now the protective equipment is intended to be used April until the beginning of.

but we were working on it as we infection the doctor you are the best looking. Our expertise in mask use is not fully adequate, Jokinen tells.

All departments of the corona of the infected employees were asymptomatic.Jari Kovalainen / YleOlivatko measures sufficient?

Both Magic-patients, parents questioned whether the department adequate measures of child patients to protect.

the Magic department, the guardian can be the child’s house around the clock. The exposed mothers, according to the guardian of the coffee in the room the corona has long been the number one topic.

– At this corona-not the parents instructed or asked to be particularly careful, although some of the children got to go home for a vacation.

the Chief Jokinen according to hedging is to make the best of our knowledge.

– Hedging we used infection the doctors expertise. All work to be the person you were nursing doing asymptomatic. So far we have not come up with what we could have done differently.

Another mother, according to relatives was told that the department of children tested for sensitivity.

– Our girl starts to become cold, and the night nurse told me about it ahead. They said, that is not the test, it may be due to the treatments. First, it was stressed that the test is the slightest symptoms and then however, not been tested.

the Chief Jokinen according to the test rules are the same as elsewhere and they apply to both patients and staff.

– If it is asymptomatic, does not take the sample. If you have been symptomatic and the contact with (diseased), so without further sample is taken.

Jokinen said that the department of the patients are under close supervision, because their body does not be able to fight against the virus in the same way as healthy people. On the other hand, looks like Jokinen, for that child the corona virus caused by the symptoms are not as drastic as in adults.

– corona virus is not yet so much information. When the defend ability is lower, any virus infection is more difficult. All ward patients are very closely keeping track of, Jokinen said.

HUS to assure that the exposed patients will be monitored closely.Jari Kovalainen / YleSuuri some of the staff in quarantine

Corona infections due to a large part of the department’s staff has been put in quarantine. Jokinen according to the exposed is about half of the staff.

– currently out, but the situation is very difficult. You can imagine that when half the staff is out of the game, so they’re not there, nothing have been, the chief Jokinen said.

Jokinen, according to the patient is not transferred elsewhere and no course of treatment be interrupted infections due to. Relief is obtained inter alia by transferring unhurried treatments and by changing the reception visits etäkäynneiksi. Also, HUS-pharmacy is obtained with the help of drug treatments.

a Significant part has also been staff flexibility and elongation.

– it is Hoped and believed that it (the virus spread) has been stopped at least within the compartment. You have to remember that anyone who runs out there may get infected and may be asymptomatic.

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