Sint-Niklaas –

On the highway E17 direction Gent, what happened to Saint Nicholas in the morning for 5 hours in a serious car accident. A van drove up there in a signalisatiewagen. The driver is injured.

At the height of the assembly from the main road and the side road in the direction of Ghent, were the workers in the repair of the road surface is performed. This was a single lane is closed to traffic. A signalisatiewagen was about a hundred meters in front of the little werfzone, but the driver of a large truck, and had the signalisatiewagen that the yard is secure, too late, saw it and drove it at high speed into it.

Photo: bfs

as a result of the heavy blow fell, the truck was heavily damaged, and he went across the road to stand on. The three lanes of the carriageway were, therefore, barred. The traffic was still by the side road from the accident to pass through. The driver of the van struck him, the wegarbeiders were delivered. The accident led to the beginning of the end for a lot of traffic. At about 6.30 am, was the road paved straight away, the file is free to come and go quickly.