Bruges (brugge) –

The serial killer-Alexander, Dean has been trying to get out of his cell in the city jail to escape from it. As the body adjusted to his window, and so, the idea is to break out. The captors found out his plans, and since he was locked up in a strafcel.

The incident came at a celcontrole to the light, to confirm Kathleen From The Pond to the States. “The prison staff and the prison of Bruges, in the cells, observations have been made with respect to the security. The local board has subsequently decided to include the residents of the host cell as a measure of safety to it.”

The Prison does not want to identity yourself. However, according to our information, the body of Alexander Dean (26) from the West-Flanders Varsenare those involved in the incident was. He would be getting the screws from the window of his cell to have a geprutst, perhaps, in this way, the window to your liking. But his plan was discovered before he could escape.


in Addition, it was to escape, anyway, is not self-evident, because there are other security measures in place in the prison. Since the incident, sitting in Dean’s locked up in a padded cell.

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The young body is more than two years in pretrial. He had committed four murders, and awaits his assisenproces. The young man went to 25th July, 2017 to the home of his ex-girlfriend, Maïlys Descamps, in Moere (Gistel). The two had a relationship, but Dean couldn’t verkroppen when the girl stopped.

As Cappon (70), and the Marie-Josée Vanleene (65) was killed by an ex-friend of her grand-daughter Maïlys. Picture this: if

He went to her house and put it in both Maïlys as well as her present and grandparents, As Cappon (70), and the Marie-Josée Vanleene (65) to death. He could, in the end, after about a day of on-the – flight- of-the Delhaize, Oostende related to.

a Photographer was murdered.

a Little later, it turned out that Dean, even in a fourth of a murder on his conscience had been. In the morning, and in the other murders, he moved to Sint-Amandsberg is drawn to be a photographer Jeroen Verstraete, (39) so as to kill him. He had a few months to become friends with Maïlys and took some photos of the little girl. But it was her ex-boyfriend, Dean, not verkroppen. He ordered the photographer to go all out, dress in in and put it hours and hours later it is down.