Really, no one was surprised. André width riders already knew for a long time that he may no longer be the head coach of Hannover 96. On Sunday executed a separation is the logical consequence of a sporting descent. Wide rider main contact person no longer had to tell him in the middle of the crisis, much to and trust. President Martin child hesitated for an amazingly long time with a decision. He sacrificed the width of the tab, finally, and holds on to his sports Director Horst Heldt. With is wide of the Hannover 2017 was returned to the Bundesliga. Without him, will be tried from now on to keep themselves somehow in the upper house.

Bundesliga round DISPLAY

The flowery words of Hannover 96, said the Failure of the width of the tab, were meant as a comfort and appreciation. You can make the unworthy spectacle of round-the-trainer personnel but not forgotten. A week-long state-wide riders nationwide as the biggest jerk in the League. His leave of absence was in accordance with the 18. Round and the 0:1 home defeat against Werder Bremen decided already, but not been consummated. “I’m disappointed” – this is a rightly worded sentence, with the width of the tab discreetly on a communication of the Association’s weakness had been pointed out to management, will remain in the memory. You let him still preparing for the second round lead, and then in a piecemeal way to admit his Failure. After the 1:5 on Saturday against Dortmund, it was clear to all Concerned that the separation must be performed. Almost a day later, the implementation followed. “This decision falls to us, and difficult for me, personally, scary.” With this set SportdirektorHeldtin a press release did quote.

It was the usual story if a Trainer is not expected that the objectives of the Association. As always, the follow-up solution for the width of the tab will look like: it comes extremely late, and looks like a panic reaction. The time for separation had missed the club’s management shortly before Christmas. The Hannover, Germany-born coach is yet to Express confidence in and even, according to a further employment in the case of the descent thinking about him then but to exchange, fit to the overall strange behavior of the decision-makers patterns.

“He is the coach of Hannover 96 and will remain coach of Hannover 96.” If this rate falls by Martin child, then the selection process for the next man began in the rule for a long time. Thomas Doll is stubbornly acted as a Option.Mirko Slomka would also be an Option for succession. He is a native of Hanover, and could help without long start-up time. Of Slomka Martin child had separated at the end of 2013 after very successful periods – in a bad Procedure all around the Christmas.

The question, wieHannover 96angesichts of eleven points on the page wants to create the Class whereabouts, remains firmly with the fundamental issues of the Association. The last word has almost all of the child themes. That was in the summer, the Athletic Director pointed out that we urgently need more staff to have a realistic Chance in the League everyday. And that was two Times the case, as Heldt faced the question of whether the work 1. FC Köln or Wolfsburg is not much more fun could make. Heldt had to remain without its transfer policy for yourself and to be able to incite the width of the tab to better results.

In sum, have been made at Hannover 96 in the past eight months so many misconceptions that the descent result would be right. The preparation for the upcoming home game on Friday against RB Leipzig started in Hannover with a day off on Sunday. In this way, the unsettled players at least had the best possible Chance to rest and spacing of the chaotic States in the Association.