Sensational verdict – Spectacular turn-of – bear-hunter is not bestraftDer Federal police officer who was on hunting trips to Russia, to invite, is condemned. He gets away without punishment. Thomas Knellwolf0 comment a long journey: The hunting took place on the Russian Peninsula of Kamchatka.Photo:

The case of the former Russia experts of the Swiss law enforcement takes a spectacular turning point: The appeals chamber of the Federal criminal court acquitted the 60-year-old Ex-investigators late Friday morning from the charge of accepting an advantage, although guilty. There is no need to a punishment. The Federal criminal police Dismissed the court for a compensation.

In the first instance, the investigators had been convicted of Bern to a conditional monetary penalty because he let a week of bear hunting on the Siberian Peninsula of Kamchatka had to invite. The appeals chamber holds now that this trip was in a group with a Russian Deputy Prosecutor General and an oligarch illegal. But there is no penalty.

For the office of the attorney General of the acquittal of an unusual setback. She had not let it take, your former Russia adviser himself to accuse. The Accused was flown for a long time several times each year in countries of the former Soviet Union, mostly in the company of prosecutors of the Federation, including Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber.

Before the court, whose authority was of hearted their charge only half, after they had already led to criminal proceedings with the otherwise frequent Engagement (read more here). Nevertheless, the Federal Prosecutor’s office had demanded a conviction. You now have the ability to draw the judgment to the Federal court.

Update follows.

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