The famous Roman horse head made of Bronze is to also lure this year as many visitors as possible to the former Roman Fort of saalburg in Bad Homburg. Since then, the archaeological sensation of the Fund will be presented to increase the number of visitors, said the Museum Director, Carsten Amrhein on Wednesday.

The 2000-year-old head was issued, have been discovered during archaeological excavations in forest girmes in an eleven-metre-deep well shaft, since last August, he is – with a brief interruption – in the hall of the castle.

115,000 visitors

counted The nearly 60-centimeter-long head has saved to pay the Roman Fort is a little the annual visit in the extremely hot summer were gone downhill. 115,000 people in total were counted, which was somewhat less than in the previous year.

In the new year program offers the saalburg in addition, many lectures, actions to Join in and presentations. In December, for the first time a Roman Christmas market will be held. Unusually coarse for the historical place of the Name of a large exhibition around the quiet Village of sounds. In “fuck them!”, the visitors learn, for example, that there were already in ancient Egypt, a sewage system and almost modern looking toilet seats.